IDX Shortcodes

*Note: Saved Link method is only available for Equity Clients IMPress for IDX Broker UI is available when you edit a page/post and click Add IDX Shortcode. Not up to date (as of 2/2018) list of some shortcodes: Type Shortcode Settings Omnibar Search [idx-omnibar styles="1 or 0" extra="1 or 0" min_price="1 or 0" ] styles, [...]

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Custom Template Options

Creation of custom templates happens in the Partner level dashboard. Here you can write your twig file along with any HTML, CSS, and JavaScript you need for your custom template. You don’t have to be familiar with twig to create custom templates, but it does help when bringing in macros or writing your own logic. [...]

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About Custom Templates

What are custom templates? Custom templates are IDX Broker's way of allowing you to create your own templates for details pages, search results, etc. using the same templating language we do. IDX Broker uses the twig templating system. This is a template engine for PHP. You do not need to know PHP to create custom [...]

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Customizing a Template

Now that we have seen the various elements of an IDX template, we will remove, edit, and add to this existing template. We want the exact same functionality as the normal IDX listing ID search, so we will leave the imports, the block, the spaceless elements, and all of the HTML and twig elements in [...]

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Starting a Custom Template

Creation of a custom template can be started from scratch, however in this example we will first use the most simple template as a base. This is the latest version of our mobile first Listing ID search template. This is a simple input form giving us a lot of space and still uses the twig [...]

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Common Issues/Questions

Images/Map is not loading on the IDX Pages: Create a static wrapper, remove script by script while refreshing the page until you find the conflicting script. You can always look at your dev console first to see if anything is sticking out as errors. IDX Pages header/footer does not look like their wrapper page: Page [...]

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Search queries for custom forms and saved links

This article explains how to properly use search queries in order to build custom forms and custom saved links of your dreams. This article will be also useful for anyone who is not able to display certain properties with the saved links.Please note, IDX Broker support can not provide support for custom built forms and [...]

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Agent Level Dashboard

IDX Broker offers two levels of usership to log in to your IDX Broker account. The main login is the broker level and allows unlimited access to all aspects of the IDX back-end. A secondary user level is called the agent level and this can be used to provide access to users with restrictions. This [...]

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Customize Email Credentials

IDX Broker offers an opportunity to customize the credential emails that you may send out to leads or agents in your account. To affect these changes, navigate to Leads -->Lead Preferences. From here you may select Advanced; and the Credential Email tab. Now you can get to the business of changing these emails to reflect [...]

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Roster Management

IDX Broker provides a built in roster page for office accounts. This allows you to showcase your agents and their listings. To sort the order of your roster pages, navigate to Users->Roster. Here is a page from where you may select the office that you would like to sort. Once selected you may click View [...]

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