Combining Advanced Searches using the IMPress Property Showcase

When a client works a niche market but with multiple MLS's they want to ensure their leads have the easiest time searching for and finding relevant properties. Most of these cases require the use of Advanced Fields that don't allow results from multiple MLSs, even when searching something common enough, for example, properties that are [...]

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EQUITY Changelog

1.7.13 Release: 5.28.2020 New: Google My Business option added to Equity Theme SettingsFix: Compatibility fix for IMPress for IDX Broker 3.0+ 1.7.12 Release: 2.03.2020 New: Completed Font Awesome 5 transitionFix: Minified CSS file 1.7.11 Release: 10.20.2020 Fix: Resolves issue with custom CSS section not loading correctly.Fix: Rest route registration warning. 1.7.10 Release: Fix: Removed reference [...]

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Equity Framework and Child Theme Downloads

Framework Equity Child Themes Stately Timeless Curb Appeal Prime Location Must See Open Floor Plan Picture Perfect Move in Ready INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS:1. Install Equity2. Install child theme & Activate3. Download IMPress for IDX Broker plugin and run through its setup (install API key in General Settings) Optional (recommended):4. Download Widget Import Export plugin5. Import sample [...]

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Signing up for the IDX Broker Affiliate Program

Youi can sign-up to be an IDX Broker Affiliate here: Once you complete the sign-up form it takes you to this page to enter in your information: The next screen then asks you for your PayPal email so you can get your commission: Click Add or Skip and then it takes you to your [...]

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IDX Broker Affiliate Program

IDX Broker now offers an Affiliate Program using Tapfiliate for theme developers, marketing companies, MLSs, Real Estate Coaches, or Real Estate Influencers. The affiliate program is for anyone that wants to capitalize on referring clients to IDX Broker but do not want to handle support for the product. For each client that you refer to [...]

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Adding IDX Broker to Duda

Does Duda website builder work with IDX Broker? Definitely, yes! Content management systems and website builders make it easier than ever to build a site.  When it comes to real estate websites, a high percentage of agents have only one page on their broker's website. There are many options to consider when creating your real [...]

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RPRs AVM Widget Implementation

A lot of clients want an automated home valuation option where someone can enter in their address and get an estimate as to what their house is worth, similar to Zillows Zestimate tool. IDX Broker currently does not offer an automated home valuation widget, however most clients should have access to and they actually [...]

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Tracking Conversions in Analytics and Google Ads

Conversion Tracking is not the same as Google Analytics. While Analytics tells you what pages users are visiting on your site, a conversion measures action taken by a visitor on a site which is "converted" to business for the website owner. Most commonly conversion tracking is applied to ads, keywords, and campaigns. In this way it is possible [...]

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Style new IDX widgets using shadow DOM

The new IDX widgets are built on vue.js unlike the legacy widgets which means you cannot just write CSS and have it be applied to the widgets like normal. However, you can use shadow DOM in order to still write CSS in order to style the widgets as you want. Here is some example code [...]

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Add CSS to Market Report widgets and Virtual Showing

Since the new Market Report widgets and Virtual Showing widgets are based on vue.js you cannot just simply write CSS, add it to your site and have it be applied to the widget. You could use shadow DOM, but that is a little much for clients, especially for just a few simple CSS tweaks. You [...]

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