About Custom Templates


What are custom templates?

Custom templates are IDX Broker’s way of allowing you to create your own templates for details pages, search results, etc. using the same templating language we do.

IDX Broker uses the twig templating system. This is a template engine for PHP. You do not need to know PHP to create custom templates, but it does help. These templates are all code. There is no drag and drop UI or wizard.

Starter example templates are provided. Before you begin: HTTPS is required on any client level account you would like to preview in the template editor.

Twig fiddle is also a good resource for experimenting with twig.

Quick variables reference for templates:

Why create custom templates?

IDX Broker has default templates available and these are a great choice, however if you have a design or functionality you know your clients would like better, you can create and store a template you customized. Clients can then have this template applied to their IDX pages.

Requirements and things to remember

  • This is for IDX Broker Partners ONLY. Clients will not be allowed to create templates.
  • Because we are not writing these templates, IDX Broker will not be supporting them.
  • There is no way to remove a template if a client decides to change developer partners.
  • Versioning is not completely supported at this time.
  • Currently there is no way to restrict your clients from accessing your custom template once published.
  • IDX Broker will not be involved in any disputes over templates.
  • HTTPS is required on any client level account you would like to preview in the template editor.


IDX Broker will expect you to support your custom template. Any questions from clients will be sent to the developer of the custom template. Any bugs with the underlying IDX system can be addressed via normal developer email support.


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