Custom Template Options (Preview)

Creation of custom templates happens in the Partner level dashboard. Here you can write your twig file along with any HTML, CSS, and JavaScript you need for your custom template.

You don’t have to be familiar with twig to create custom templates, but it does help when bringing in macros or writing your own logic.

There are several kinds of templates available to create.

  • Search Pages
  • Map Pages
  • Results Pages
  • Details Pages
  • Roster Pages

Each category comes with default starter templates you can edit or you can create your own templates.You can also organize your templates in folders.Every template consists of twig, JS, and CSS files. Inline CSS, JavaScript, and HTML can be applied to the twig file.

Example templates range in code complexity. The Address or Listing ID searches are very simple while Search Results and Property Details templates contain more twig elements and logic.

The code editor features HTML/twig on the left with CSS on the right. The code can be edited directly in the browser.




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