Equity Settings


Once you get the Equity Framework and Child theme installed, you can then start working on the clients website.

Equity Theme Settings:

  • Within WordPress hover over Equity on the left hand side and select Theme Settings in the sub-menu.
  • At the top add the clients domain name under IDX Info (this will be the live domain and not their staging domain).
  • Make sure you fill out all of the fields under Agent Info with the clients necessary information. Those items are displayed on the front end pages using shortcodes.
  • Down at the bottom you will have your Header and Footer Scripts section.
    • This area allows you to enter JavaScript for things such as google analytics, facebook pixel, or any other third party code that needs to go into the header of the website.


Equity Footer Settings:

  • Under Equity Footer settings you can change what displays in the sites footer.
  • A lot of the content is displayed using shortcodes but you will want to make sure you update the domain under the footer right section to match the clients URL
  • Also, some MLSs require certain information show on a clients site on the sites footer and this is normally a perfect area to add that.
  • Once you make changes and save, it should update the front end pages right away.


Equity Custom CSS:

  • The framework includes two different areas where you can add CSS without editing the theme files or using a third party plug-in.
  • You can add CSS to the clients website under Equity –> Custom CSS
  • Or you can add it under Appearance –> Customize –> Additional CSS.
  • You can also find other ways to add CSS by following this article.
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