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A great way to generate traffic and convert that traffic into leads is by creating community pages.

I always recommend creating a page for a specific community and adding content about that community at the top. Content could include what makes that community special, demographic information, events within that community, restaurants to eat at, parks and trails or anything else that gives a lead better insight into that area and explains what makes it special.

Below the community content you can always include a map widget that shows properties in that community as well as a showcase widget/shortcode which displays listings in that community. If you want to, you can even break it down further based on price ranges, number of beds and baths as well as house features such as whether it has a pool or not.

Below or above the properties you can always include a sign-up form that states something like: “In order to get daily updates when new listings are added feel free to sign-up here:” You can then include a lead generation form which automatically saves a search for the lead based on the community they are viewing.

Sample code can be found below:

All you need to do is change the query string hidden input to be that of the community:

You can find the query string to use by just performing a search for that community using the search page, copying the ending part of the URL and then updating the form code and the input above.

You will also need to update the action URL within the form code to use the clients domain name.

If you have any questions feel free to email developers@idxbroker.com and I am more then happy to help.

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