Managing Supplemental Listings

Supplemental listings are properties you wish to include on your website but which are not listed in your MLS. To add a Supplemental listing to your account click on the Listings button, Supplemental in the submenu, and Create in the drop-down menu. Here, you will see a form you can use to enter in details [...]

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Sold and Pending Listings

In IDX Broker, the Sold / Pending Listings page shows all of the featured properties that have gone into an inactive status. This could include listings that are sold or pending, canceled, expired, etc. In most cases, these cannot be displayed with active listings (according to MLS rules), but are available to you for reference [...]

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Add Virtual Tour to Featured Listing

You can easily add virtual tours to your Featured Listings in IDX Broker by clicking Listings in the main menu, and Active in the submenu. Virtual tours are listed in the "VT" column. To enter in a new virtual tour, click the number under the VT column for the listing you would like to work with. [...]

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Add Open House to Featured Listing

You can easily add open house information to your Featured Listings in IDX Broker by clicking the Listings button, and Active in the submenu. Open houses are listed in the "OH" column. To enter in a new open house, click the number under the OH column for the listing with which you would like to [...]

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Active Featured Listings

Active listings are listings that are associated with you or your office, are currently for sale, and can be displayed in the IDX data on your website. Every day, IDX Broker automatically updates your listings with the latest data from the MLS. There may be times when price changes, property descriptions, photo updates, etc. cannot [...]

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Save Lead Export

This article focuses on a Platinum-only feature. Once you are able to export leads as shown in this article, you may want to save those export criteria to use on a regular basis. If you are a Platinum client you can save your export by using the Save Exports section at the bottom of the screen. Simply [...]

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Export Leads

You can export a .csv (Comma Separated Values) file of your leads by clicking on Leads in the main menu, and Export in the submenu. To export leads, click Create from the Exports drop-down menu. On this screen, you will see a list of fields you can use to set up your export file. First, [...]

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Lead Assignment Priority

In office accounts, if lead routing is enabled, there are many routes upon which leads can be sent. Some methods of assigning leads to agents will override others. The priority ordering for generated leads is as follows: System Assigned Lead – Once a lead has been assigned an agent in the admin control panel, that lead [...]

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Contact Routing Options

Contact routing options are available in IDX Broker Office accounts under Leads in the main menu, and Contact Routing in the sub menu. Use the Preferences option in the drop-down menu to set up your contact routing method, and then use the Manage option to manage your contact routing rules. Round Robin Contact Routing A [...]

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Customize Email Credentials

IDX Broker offers an opportunity to customize the credential emails that you may send out to leads or agents in your account. To affect these changes, navigate to Leads -->Lead Preferences. From here you may select Advanced; and the Credential Email tab. Now you can get to the business of changing these emails to reflect [...]

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