Dynamic Heading Tags

Create dynamic headings on detail pages in IDX Broker. In HTML, there are heading tags ranging from <h1> to <h6>. These indicate importance in descending order. <h1> is the most important, and typically the largest of these headings. Search engines also pick up the content in these tags and use them to determine page order on a search. [...]

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Embed Video in Subheader

Including a video in the subheader of a Saved Link can be a great way to showcase the area or properties you are highlighting in that link. Youtube videos can be embedded into any subheader and you do not need to have a Youtube account. (Note: Because Youtube updates their interface regularly, their menu may [...]

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Mobile Subheader

Subheaders are a great way to add additional custom content to your IDX pages. By using subheaders for your IDX Mobile pages you can add that same content, or tailor new content, just for your visitors on their mobile devices.  NOTE: The mobile header functionality must be turned on in your IDX Broker account. If [...]

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Subheaders are a great way to add extra information to any IDX page, including Saved Links. Subheaders allow you to add headings, contact information, text, images, videos or any custom content to the top of your IDX pages. Any content entered into a subheader will display directly above the IDX content on the corresponding page(s). [...]

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Custom CSS

Your Global Wrapper and Sub-headers allow you to dictate the branding, navigation, and overall appearance of your IDX pages. To change the appearance of the IDX templates themselves, you can use the Custom CSS area of your IDX control panel. Click Designs in the main menu, and Custom CSS in the submenu. Note: The IDX [...]

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Category and Page Wrappers

Wrappers are the tools in your account that match your IDX pages to the look and layout of your website. For most clients, the Global Wrapper will be sufficient; however, if you would like to implement a unique look or layout for an individual IDX page or Saved Link, you can do so with Category, Page, [...]

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Global Wrapper Overview

Your Global Wrapper is the primary tool in your account that matches all of your IDX pages to the look and layout of your main website. There are several options for you to use to implement the wrappers on your IDX pages. Click Designs in the main menu, and Wrappers in the submenu. Wrapper Levels [...]

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Custom Widget CSS

Widgets, for the most part, reside on your webpages, outside of the realm of IDX Broker. Because of this, each widget has it's own CSS that stays inline with the widget code. To edit this widget CSS, navigate to Designs -> Widgets -> Manage. Select the edit icon  next to the widget you would like [...]

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Creating & Managing Widgets

Every IDX Broker account includes several widgets you can use to place IDX content on any webpage. A widget is a snippet of code that is generated from inside your IDX Control Panel. This code can then be copied and pasted into a webpage. The widget will be displayed exactly where you place that code. [...]

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Custom Search Pages

This article focuses on a Platinum-only feature. IDX Broker Platinum allows you to create unlimited custom IDX search pages, directly from your IDX control panel. To create a custom search page, click Designs in the main menu, and Pages in the submenu. The first set of links here are your Search Pages. To create a [...]

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