API Key Control

IDX Broker features a robust API that advanced developers can use to build custom tools using IDX Broker data. Full end-user documentation for the IDX Broker API can be found by clicking here. The API allows you to use the Wordpress Plugin, or to access your leads, featured properties, and other information like your custom [...]

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Traffic Stats

You can view a list of all page hits under Home --> Traffic Stats. Traffic The Traffic tab will list the date and time, IP address of the visitor, the page viewed, the lead name if the visitor is a logged in lead, and the referring URL (if applicable). Raw Traffic The page hits shown [...]

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The Notifications area of your IDX control panel displays information from IDX Broker relevant to your account. Feature notifications will include announcements from IDX Broker of new features, updates, or changes to IDX Broker. MLS notifications can include additions or changes to search fields, RETS migrations, fee changes etc. To view your account notifications, click [...]

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