Your Dashboard is the first screen you will see each time you log into your IDX Broker control panel. To get back to your Dashboard click the Home button in the main menu, and Dashboard in the submenu. Dashboard Widgets Your account Dashboard is a general overview of the activity on your account. You can customize [...]

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Custom Message When No Listings Found on Results Pages

We have had a lot of requests for clients to be able to show a custom message on a saved link if there are 0 results returned. We do have an ER to add this functionality to the IDX Dashboard and also have it applied for widgets, but in the mean time I will show [...]

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Remove Option Values in Advanced Fields using CSS

Note: This will only work if the field type is set to Listable and not Quick List: https://support.idxbroker.com/customer/en/portal/articles/1913108-advanced-search-fields-layout?b_id=10433 We populate the listable advanced field values based on Active Listings in the MLS. A lot of the times your client wont service certain SubDisivions/Communites that are in some of the advanced fields so they would rather [...]

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Change labels on the grid layout

A lot of people want to change the labels on the grid template to something a little more understandable and this lesson will show you how to do that. Due to how we have this set-up those labels are not able to be changed via the MLS settings like most other labels on our pages: [...]

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Featured Listings Map

In previous lessons we looked at collecting featured listings data via the API.  If haven't taken that lesson you might want to take a look before this lesson. For this lesson we will be calling the featured listings API method and manipulating the return in PHP to create map pin JavaScript. We then will call the stored [...]

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Account menu in your Partner Dashboard

The account menu item is broken out into many sub-menus and allows you to manage your developer partner account. The first sub-menu item under the account tab is the message center. This section normally wont have much other then cancellation e-mails. The second sub-menu item is account notes and will show you information such as [...]

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Client Export

Within your partner dashboard go to Clients --> Exports --> Create. This section will allow you to run reports on your clients, and export information based on whatever filters you specify. The top section will allow you to choose which fields you want exported. Whatever fields you select will be added to the exported file. [...]

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Developer Partner Client Search

Within your partner dashboard you can access every single account that is under your developer code. Once you log-in go to Clients --> Client Search. At the top you will notice a bunch of fields which you can use to filter your clients. Below the filters will be the list of all of your actual [...]

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DOM Manipulation with Javascript

IDX Broker offers area to add your custom CSS, but what about when you are looking to do something more powerful than styling? That is when Javascript comes in. Javascript is a high-level, dynamic, untyped, and interpreted programming language. Where CSS adds to exisiting content, JS can create or modify exisiting content. For customization in [...]

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IMPress for IDX Broker

Wordpress consumes several API methods to build source urls as well as gather data to be used in the omni bar search widget. Because of the lack of WordPress environmental control, it isn’t always possible to fully troubleshoot plugin or theme conflicts. Hosting environment is also an uncontrollable factor. The IMPress for IDX Broker plugin [...]

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