Show Climate Data on Details Pages


With Climate Change being a hot topic some clients may want to show climate change data about a listing on the details page and it is also a great way in order to increase the time someone spends on a page.

This lesson will walk you through showing Climate data from on your details pages for each individual listing which is really simple and easy to do.

Within your IDX Dashboard go to Designs –> Websites –> Subheaders –> Categories –> Details.

You can then add the following iframe code to the details subheader:

You can change the height and width as you would like.

You can then move the iframe around using JS in order to add to a different location on the details page or show it within tabs if you want to include other third party API data such as HoodQ, Market Reports or so forth.

If you didn’t want to display climate change data directly on the details page and instead wanted to add a link then you could easily do that as well.

It also looks like offers a widget version as well so you don’t have to iframe in the entire page.

You would need to email: and you should be able to get a free permanent access key.

From there the URL changes that you would use in the iframe and it would be:

Feel free to email if you have any questions or run into any issues.

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