CRM and IDX Broker Integration

Building on the IDX Broker API allows your application, integration, plugin, etc.. to leverage data from IDX Broker.
Some data will NOT be available. Querying the MLS data or property details of MLS listings not belonging to a client will not be available.
Additioanlly some methods will not be editable via the API.

Getting lead data from the IDX Broker API is a simple RESTful API call.

Lead contact information:

Lead Saved Searches:

Saved Properties:

Lead Traffic:

These calls are available for both Lite and Platium.

GET calls for lead data are available with PUT, POST, and DELETE methods available for some calls pertaining to leads.

Lite has a 125 per hour rate limit and Platium has a 250 per hour rate limit. Please keep this in mind in your development. Additionally your clients may be employing API calls from other sources such as the IDX Broker Word Press plugin.

Returns are in JSON by default, with XML is also available when requested.

Sample output available here:

It is very important to remember the rate limit you are working with in your development. Lite and Platinum having differing rate limits, meaning call budgeting is paramount. You can use the API to determine the account level and then call accordingly. Additionally your CRM may not be the only integration using a client’s API keys and calls per hour.

Certain common events with agents (such as the transferring of leads to and from agents) can be API call heavy. To avoid hitting the rate limit certain common actions (such as the transferring of leads from one agent to another) might be better performed on a scheduled event to be run at a time in the day when call rates are lower.

Any CRM that has completed and is offering integrating with IDX Broker can contact developers at for branding assets and cross promotion opportunities.

For API call examples (samples in PHP), please see the of official IDX Broker API documentation. Any examples, scripts, snippets, etc.. from other sources are unsupported by IDX Broker.

For those that are also part of the Developer Partner Program Aggregated methods are also available. See documentation for these aggregated calls.

Please let reach out to us regarding your integrations and development. We can provide branding discuss and further oppertunities.

Also we love to see the cool things built on our API.