API URL Structure

There is a standard URL structure for all API accesses. The structure is as follows.

Protocol must always be https:

Followed by the component and then the method.

Other request parameters and or filter can be used depending on the method.

https://api.idxbroker.com/component/method/primary request ID/secondary request ID?query string

  • component REQUIRED
    • This is the main section of the API that is being accessed.
    • Current components include: partners, clients, mls, and leads
  • method REQUIRED
    • This is a function of the component that is being accessed. For example you might access the cities method of the mls component in order to get a list of cities that currently have properties in them for a given MLS.
    • All components have the following two methods: listcomponents and listmethods
  • primary request ID CONDITIONAL
    • This is required in certain circumstances to view or set specific information.
    • For example if you want to get information about a lead you would send the ID of the lead to view.
  • secondary request ID CONDITIONAL
    • Similar to the primary request ID, there are methods that require two IDs to be passed in order to function.
    • For example to view a single search for a lead you would need to pass the lead ID as the primary request ID and the search ID as the secondary request ID.
  • query string CONDITIONAL
    • Many GET requests offer filtering or specific views based on information passed in a standard, browser type, ampersand delineated query string following the URL.

Common Examples

Last hour leads: https://api.idxbroker.com/leads/lead?interval=1&startDatetime=2016-01-5+016:017:59&dateType=subscribeDate

By ID Lead data: https://api.idxbroker.com/leads/lead/4