Forum Do’s and Don’ts


  • Search the forums for a solution first!
  • Ask your question once in the appropriate forum
  • Try to follow up your thread with a solution or a fix if you found one. Chances are that it will be useful to others
  • Use descriptive thread titles & be descriptive about your problem
  • Read all sticky posts
  • Actively post in the forums
  • Write like an adult
  • Post helpful code
  • Be nice


  • Ask before researching at all
  • Spam the same question every place you can creating multiple threads on the same subject
  • Create threads and abandon them
  • Use general statements about what you want to know
  • Assume
  • Also send duplicates of your post in emails to support
  • Use txt lng in ur postz no1 likez 2 read it 🙁
  • Post any code you don’t want people using

Forum Policy

This forum is for IDX Broker Development partners only. Your should first reference our Knowledgebase for details on how IDX Broker features operate. Please do this before posting any questions. This forum is for discussion on developing sites for clients. This is not a way to submit bugs/issues to IDX Broker. For that please email and open a case. This forum is for developer partners to discuss their advanced knowledge and use of IDX Broker features. Do Not post code or knowledge you are unwilling to allow others to employ.


USE AT YOUR OWN RISK IDX Broker can NOT support any code posted in this forum and takes NO responsibility for any code posted or any techniques described. All threads are subject to edit or removal at any time at the discretion of IDX Broker. User level can also be modified or revoked at the discretion of IDX Broker.