Partner Payback

Developer Partners with 5 or more clients may be eligible for partner payback.

Payback Eligibility

  • At least 5 clients must be under your Partner Dev Code
  • Clients will need to have completed at least one full billing cycle before they are counted toward your payback
  • A late or skipped billing will make any client ineligible for that month and the client will need to again complete one billing cycle to regain eligibility
  • IDX Broker must have a W-9 for U.S. Devs and a W-8 Ben for those out of the country on file to issue a check

Reports on clients will be available in your Developer Partner dashboard.

  • MLS Data Management Fees are not counted toward your payback
  • You can find which MLSs have data management fees here or navigate to the account’s billing page to view the fees as they’re applied

Payback checks are sent out normally around the 25th of each month. Holidays and weekends can move the mailing date a few days prior or after the 25th.

Payback is always in the form of a check.

Checks are mailed to the address in your Developer Partner dashboard.

If you have any questions on your payback, please email