API Keys

Access to the IDX API is handled through keys. These keys can be easily created, changed, and revoked in your IDX dashboard. This is a measure of security that ensures that your account credentials and sensitive information are never exposed by the API. You can find API keys in every client account in Home > Access Control.

Access Keys

Access keys grant access to API data. Different components are available to different account levels (Partner or Client). These are detailed in the technical documentation for each component.

The key for passing your API key via request header is accesskey.

Example request headers in PHP:

Partner Keys

Partner component API calls use your Partner key. This can be found in you IDX Broker Developer Partner dashboard.
When accessing APIs on behalf of their clients, Development Partners can use their own API keys as ancillary keys. Use of ancillary keys is completely optional but it grants the following extra functionality.

  1. Increased hourly access limits. Three times the normal limit.
  2. Output preference override. The partner’s output preferences override any settings that the client may have.
  3. Version preference override. Regardless of the API version selected in the client account the version used will be the preference set on the partner’s account.

Ancillary keys are passed in the request headers. The key for the header is ancillary

Example request headers with Parter API key used as ancillary in PHP:

Use of the Partner API key as an ancillary key does require that the client is under your dev code.