Client Billing

IDX Broker offers Developer Partners a couple of options when it comes billing our mutual clients. You choose how to handle the client billing.

IDX Broker Bills the Client Directly

Clients enter their credit card information on sign up or into the client dashboard. This card is then billed monthly. Any billing notifications may then be sent to the client. Additionally, any updates like card expiration would be the responsibility of the client.

Partner Billing Control

Take control of the billing on behalf of all clients under your dev code. The charges for each of your clients are charged to the credit card in your Developer Partner dashboard. Any updates like card expiration would be your responsibility.

In each client dashboard, upgrade paths and billing information are locked out. This is to protect the Developer Partner from incurring unexpected charges as a result of a client submitting an upgrade request. Instead, they are instructed to contact the Developer Partner.

This Billing Control feature can not be applied to a portion of clients under your developer code. It can only be applied to all or none.


If a client cancels with your service please make sure to tell them they need to cancel their IDX Broker Account with us via email. You may also cancel accounts via your Partner Account.