API History

IDX Broker API
The IDX Broker API is ever evolving to serve the needs of API data consumers. Each addition of methods is signified by a new version.

New API versions are made available in a preview state for one month before being made the default active version. Minor changes to input and output may occur while the version is in this state.

At no time will a client or partner’s version preference be changed automatically, so you will only need to update your code if you choose to move to a new version of the API.

Choosing a Version
There are two ways to choose what version of the API will respond to your request.

1. API Preferences
As with the output format, you can set the version via the API Key management page of your account profile. This can be very useful when testing updates to your code when migrating to a new version of the API.

2. Request Header
You can optionally specify a version in your request header. This will override any version preference stored in a client or partner account. This is also true for API output.

If the specified value is not a valid API version, or if the version specified has been sunsetted, then the most current active version of the API will be used to respond. As such, when using the ‘apiversion’ header it is always a good idea to compare the version you specify with the version given in the response header.

If you do not change API version with one of these options, the version that responds to your request will be the version that was default when your account was created.

When a new version is available it will remain in a preview mode for 30 days. After which this version will be the default version in all newly created accounts.

Version 1.7.0 Added

  • Allows you to get all property details fields (searchable/displayable) via the API for the Featured Listings call.
  • The GET Lead API call will now return the same information as if you specified the lead ID. It will also return Last 5 Viewed Listings (array of listing urls), Last 5 Viewed Search Results (array of results urls), Total # of listings viewed (6 months) .

Version 1.6.0 Added

  • Partners – Subscriber PUT
  • Partners – Pricing GET
  • MLS – SoldDataPrices GET
  • Clients – SavedlinksTotalPropertyCount GET
  • Clients – SoldDataCities GET
  • Clients – SoldDataCounties GET
  • Clients – SoldDataPostalcodes GET
  • Clients – SoldDataCities GET
  • Clients – SoldDataCounties GET
  • Clients – Postalcodessold GET
  • Clients – SoldDataZipcodes GET
  • Clients – SoldDataSearchFieldValues GET
  • Clients – SoldDataPropertycount GET

Version 1.5.0 Added

  • Added the AccountInfo
  • Added the SavedlinksTotalPropertyCount

Below is a list of methods added to each version after the initial release of Version 1.0.4

Version 1.4.0 Added

  • Add the results url to each saved search object in leads/search return
  • Add userAgentID to Featured, SoldPending, Supplemental, AggregatedFeatured, AggregatedSoldPending, and AggregatedSupplemental return
  • Add listingAgentID field to Agents return
  • Added Client level endpoints Listallowedfields, Listings, Properties, and SearchQuery methods
  • Partner key required in request header
  • Additional fields added to the returned property object:
    • address
    • streetName
    • streetNumber
    • streetDirection
    • unitNumber
    • cityName
    • countyName
    • state
    • postalcode
    • listingPrice
    • remarksConcat
    • rntLse
    • rntLsePrice
    • rntLsePriceOffSeason
    • propStatus
    • bedrooms
    • totalBaths
    • fullBaths
    • partialBaths
    • latitude
    • longitude
    • acres
    • sqFt
    • displayAddress
    • listingAgentID
    • listingOfficeID
    • mlsPtID
    • mlsPhotoCount
    • parentPtID
    • price
    • detailsURL
    • idxPropType
    • idxStatus
    • viewCount
    • ohCount
    • vtCount
    • featured
    • image
    • fullDetailsURL
  • Historical method under clients component and partners component clientProperties removed from ALL API versions and documentation.

Version 1.3.0 Added

  • Added to aggregatedleads GET return
    • phone
    • email2
    • address
    • city
    • stateProvince
    • zipCode
    • country
    • lastActivityDate
  • Added to leads GET return
    • phone
    • email2
    • address
    • city
    • stateProvince
    • zipCode
    • country
    • lastActivityDate
  • Added lead registration custom fields to leads GET return

Version 1.2.3 Added

  • Added Limit and offset filters to API for the necessary calls
  • Added MLS disclaimers and courtesies to the featured call both aggregated and client
  • Add MLS Custom Display (MLS settings field renaming) to approvedmls call

Version 1.2.2 Added

  • Clients – postalcodeslistname GET
  • Clients – postalcodes GET
  • Clients – countieslistname GET
  • Leads – bulklead POST

Version 1.2.1 Added

  • Client – Supplemental POST
  • Client – Supplemental PUT

Version 1.2.0 Added

  • Clients – apiversion GET
  • Clients – dynamicwrapperurl POST

Version 1.1.1 Added

  • Partners – aggregatedlistingstatus GET
  • Leads – lead DELETE
  • Leads – leadtraffic GET