Developer Partner Support

Getting Developer Partner Support

All IDX Broker Developer Partners have as a support resource. Additionally, there are forums on this site where only partners can post code blocks or ask about issues. These forums are monitored by IDX Broker support and other Developer Partners.

Client Support Expectations

The first line of support for clients are the IDX Broker Developer Partners. IDX Broker supports all of it’s Developer Partners.

This means that clients report all issues to their Developer Partner. After thorough troubleshooting by the Developer Partner, if the issue is only resolvable by IDX Broker, the Developer Partner will notify IDX Broker by emailing Missing images or listings not appearing in searches are examples of issues a Developer Partner would not be able to resolve alone.

IDX Broker does not do customizations for individual clients and Developer Partners. IDX Broker cannot create nor support Custom CSS or JavaScript changes made by Developer Partners or clients. Custom HTML elements such as custom forms also fall under this category.

Developer Partners are responsible for clearly stating to clients that the Developer Partner is the first line of support, to be contacted regarding any issues.

Developer Partners (including their support staff) should never instruct a client to contact IDX Broker directly.

Clients with a Developer Partner on their account who contact IDX Broker directly will be instructed to contact their Developer Partner.

The IDX Broker API is supported to the extent of verifying output as expected for the various API methods. For code issues, please post any questions or sample code in the Developer Partner forums.

Clients without a Developer Partner looking to add a Partner Dev Code to their account can email stating their domain name and the Developer Partner they would like to add.

Keeping Developer Partners Informed

Making sure our Developer Partners are aware of client issues means IDX Broker support will always direct any client reporting an issue back to the partner on the account for resolution. IDX Broker will then inform the Developer Partner of the resolution.

This includes issues that a partner is unable to resolve on their own, such as data related issues. This is beneficial as many partners have multiple clients with a common MLS. Knowing about data issues, system bugs, etc., keeps the partner informed and better prepared should other clients report the same issue.

IDX Broker’s default messaging to clients that call IDX

“I see that your account is operated by [Developer Partner Name]. Have you already reported this issue with [Developer Partner Name]? If so, I’d be happy to reach out and have them provide a status update. If not, I am happy to take a look, file the issue, and send the case to [Developer Partner Name] for further update and/or closure; however, we are not authorized to make changes or modification on accounts where their work resides.”

Additional Things to Consider

Should any Developer Partner deem a client unsupportable, this client can be removed from the Developer Partner’s developer code. This will require an email request to IDX Broker’s support. The client will also need to pay the normal $100 retail set up fee if they were not charged previously.

Clients are the absolute owners of an account. This means client initiated cancellations or password requests must be honored; however, IDX Broker will encourage any client requests to go through their developer partner first.