Partner Codes

Each IDX Broker Developer Partner must choose a dev partner code when signing up for the program. This code is used to track clients signing up with IDX Broker and a Developer Partner. This code will appear in your sign up link.


Each code must be unique and is not editable. Because of this IDX Broker recommends choosing a code you can use forever.

Developer Partner codes are attached to each client account. When a client has your dev code on their account, IDX Broker support will direct them to you if we are contacted. More on dev partner support here.

When a client is signed up using your dev partner link, your dev code is attached to the account automatically. The normal sign up fee is also waived.

To add, remove, or change a dev code on an account, an email requesting this change is needed.

A client must be under your dev code to be eligible for payback.

Dev partner codes are how Developer Partner Billing Control is applied to an account.