RPRs AVM Widget Implementation

A lot of clients want an automated home valuation option where someone can enter in their address and get an estimate as to what their house is worth, similar to Zillows Zestimate tool.

IDX Broker currently does not offer an automated home valuation widget, however most clients should have access to https://narrpr.com and they actually offer a fee JS snippet which can be converted into an automated home valuation widget.

The widget is simple and easy to integrate and you can also turn it into a lead capture mechanism which makes it even more valuable.

There are a couple different ways you could integrate it and I am going to show you one way below within WordPress.

Note: The first step is to have the client get the widget code as well as their cobrandedID and token. This should be possible by logging into this site.

Once you have that information you can start working on implementing it into the site.

  1. Create a form within Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, or Ninja Forms or any other form plug-in.
  2. Add First Name, Last Name, and Email to that form and maybe Phone if you would like.
  3. Using either of those three plug-ins you can pass the leads generated via the form to IDX Broker.
  4. Once you have the form created you need to make sure that once the form is submitted it redirects to another WP page.
    1. Create a page in WordPress and this is going to be where the address search box goes.
    2. Depending on the plug-in there would be multiple different ways to do it:
      1. Contact Form 7
      2. Gravity Forms
      3. Ninja Forms
    3. You then need to add a page URL to redirect to and that will be the page you created in 4.1.
  5. Once that is done you can now add that form to a page within WP.
  6. Publish that page and test to make sure when you enter your information and submit that it redirects you to the correct page.
  7. Now edit the page which the form redirects you to.
  8. You will need to add the following code for your respective client:

You need to replace the cobrandcode and tokencode within the script code with your clients information.

You can then publish the page and test it out for yourself.

Note: The RPR AVM widget will only work with addresses in the clients MLS area and it may not work for all addresses.

If you have any questions then feel free to email developers@idxbroker.com .