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    New methods added to 1.2.2

    New methods are postalcodes, postalcodeslistname, and countieslistname. These area all client level calls.

    “countieslistname”:{“supported”:{“GET”:true,”POST”:false,”PUT”:false,”DELETE”:false},”status”:”active”,”description”:”A list of all the IDs and names for each of a client county lists including MLS county lists.”,”availableReturnFields”:[“id”,”name”,”stateAbrv”]}

    “postalcodes”:{“supported”:{“GET”:true,”POST”:false,”PUT”:false,”DELETE”:false},”status”:”deprecated”,”description”:”A list of all the postalcodes available in each of a client postalcode lists.”,”availableReturnFields”:[“id”,”name”,”stateAbrv”]}

    postalcodeslistname”:{“supported”:{“GET”:true,”POST”:false,”PUT”:false,”DELETE”:false},”status”:”active”,”description”:”A list of all the IDs and names for each of a client postalcode lists including MLS postalcode lists.”,”availableReturnFields”:[“id”,”name”,”stateAbrv”]}

    Bulk Lead PUT was also added to this version in the leads component.

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