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    Hey guys,

    So our sites are having some issues with the IMPress plugin. Mostly, we have two cron jobs from the IMPress plugin that are extremely resource heavy: idx_create_idx_pages and idx_delete_idx_pages. They create issues with site down time where our sites will go down temporarily, but cause issues like scheduled blog posts not to post as the site is down during that time.

    Please see the below conversation with WPEngine to explain the issue and let us know if there is anything that can be done on your end to help us solve this:

    Michael Gomez Mon, 07/24/17 09:46:41 am America/New_York

    You are now connected with a WP Engine technician

    Cheyenne Swarthout 09:46:54 am

    Hi, Michael.
    So I’m having an issue with a few of my sites going down. We are seeing a significant amount of sites on our servers showing down time. We are getting warnings from Jetpack monitor and also seeing that scheduled blog posts are being missed. https://yoursiteneedsme.teamwork.com/?action=viewFile&sd=88c8a35-d56d-81C2C3456DEC6FD9AA89688AF730E06818F0D6BBA08C20DB274EF4FA37AE349FF5F249664BE3E0F942994930AFAD9CCA&previewModal=1 09:49:16 am

    Michael Gomez 09:51:04 am

    Alrighty, let’s take a look at the server.
    Sure thing. I do notice load is fairly high. I am trying to find the promblematic site now. 09:54:29 am

    Cheyenne Swarthout 09:55:42 am

    Okay, no problem! Thanks so much, Michael. I know we were having an issue with the plugin IMPress for IDXBroker being extremely resource heavy with lots of lengthy cron jobs among some heavy cache. So I’m not sure if that’s causing the issue either.

    Michael Gomez 09:57:19 am

    Thanks for the info.
    I see two possible problem installs. One is benchmarkrealt and homesbycross. Both have the highest amount of timeouts. 10:02:37 am
    I am trying to narrow down the cause.

    Cheyenne Swarthout 10:03:03 am

    Okie dokie. Let me know when you find it.

    Michael Gomez 10:05:40 am

    Sure thing.
    So nothing is evident. Do these sites get a decent amount of traffic. 10:08:46 am

    Cheyenne Swarthout 10:10:08 am

    Both of those two installs get a good amount of traffic. The ones that we’re seeing the most problems with (I have the following listed: yoursiteneedsme.com, tampabayhomes4sale.net, prosoldrealty.com, pacesfunding.com, uniquewebcopy.com, portaransastexasrealestate.com) do get a decent amount of traffic as well. I believe they’re actually some of our higher traffic sites.

    Michael Gomez 10:10:43 am

    What specific problems are you seeing. From the logs, the two installs I gave you are the ones with the majority of the errors for t he last 48 hours.

    Cheyenne Swarthout 10:12:02 am

    Jetpack monitor is telling us that the sites are going down (i.e., we get an email and have to reconnect our WordPress account sometimes, etc.) and most specifically, scheduled blog posts are not going through.

    Michael Gomez 10:14:14 am

    So, they’re likely just timing out. Let me see what I can find.
    So it does look like those two installs are causing issues with the entire server. 10:19:47 am

    Cheyenne Swarthout 10:20:33 am

    Okay. Is there anything in specific with those two installs that can be changed to not effect the entire server? Say, for instance, a plugin conflict?

    Michael Gomez 10:21:19 am

    I am still trying to narrow it down. They are using the majority of server resources. It may be due to a slow query or something of that nature.

    Cheyenne Swarthout 10:21:43 am

    Okay. No problem, I’m waiting patiently and eagerly. 🙂

    Michael Gomez 10:28:23 am

    Still here, and investigating. I roped in a colleague of mine to see if they can see anything that stands out.

    Cheyenne Swarthout 10:28:41 am

    No problem.

    Michael Gomez 10:32:44 am

    So, it is definitely a cron job timing out. I am looking at which.

    Cheyenne Swarthout 10:32:54 am

    No problem. 🙂

    Michael Gomez 10:37:12 am

    Is/was this a multisite at one point 10:38:03 am

    Cheyenne Swarthout 10:38:14 am

    Which one?

    Michael Gomez 10:38:26 am


    Cheyenne Swarthout 10:38:42 am

    We don’t believe so.

    Michael Gomez 10:40:01 am

    So, I am just seeing a lot of subdomains mapped to this install.
    Are they just redirecting to the live site?

    Cheyenne Swarthout 10:40:35 am

    They’re redirecting to subdomains we created.
    That has to do with IDXBroker.

    Michael Gomez 10:42:53 am

    Okay, so from what I am seeing, that may actually be the cause of the server related issues. These two crons: idx_create_idx_pages and idx_delete_idx_pages look to be consistently timing out.

    Cheyenne Swarthout 10:43:58 am

    Alright, is there anything you guys can do to help us fix that issue?

    Michael Gomez 10:46:29 am

    Not really. You may need to reach out to the plugin developer on that. We can remove the script that kills this process, but since the load is already so high on the server, it’s likely that the server will just go down if that script is removed.

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  • James CallJames Call
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    I don’t know if the IDX folks are going to respond to you, but I also use WPEngine, and I am sure this is an issue with our stuff too.

    What about just commenting out the lines in the plugin that calls those 2 functions?



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  • yoursiteneedsmeyoursiteneedsme
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    Hi James – Check out GitHub for info on the issue. We solved it for now with a workaround: https://github.com/idxbroker/wordpress-plugin/issues/70

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