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    We have a client who wants to change some wording in their OmniBar dropdown text. For instance, I have added an advanced field to be searchable in their OmniBar called “Waterfront Name” and the client would like the text after the lake name to be “Lake Name (Waterfront Name)” instead of “Lake Name Waterfront Name”. They also would like to change any text that says “Twp” to be spelled out “Township”. I have looked at this a bit and it seems like it isn’t possible to change this text, even using JQuery, due to the nature of how this text is pulled in. I have also changed the naming for this field on the backend of IDXBroker but it doesn’t seem to affect the OmniBar, just their advanced search page.

    Has anyone ever had success with this or do you guys at IDXBroker (Antonio maybe??) know if this would even be possible? Just don’t want to spend a lot more time on this if this can’t even be accomplished…


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