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    My client has pointed out that Area Select box found here: http://listings.pastermackrealestate.com/idx/search/expanded-search is missing some items and its out of alphabetic (123) order.

    You can see the first item listed in the Area Select box on the left (below the City/County/Zip Code box) is “101 – Mims/Scottsmoor”. Here’s an abbreviated version of that list:

    101 – Mims/Scottsmoor
    102 – Mims/Tville SR46 – Garden
    103 – Titusville Garden – SR50
    104 – Titusville SR50 – Kings H

    … several left out for brevity …

    904 – Indian River
    906 – St Lucie County
    907 – Miami-Dade
    999 – Out of Area
    107 – Port St. John
    252 – N Banana River Dr.

    So as you can see the entries are mostly in order, but in this case the last 2 are not (107 – Port St. John and 252 – N Banana River Dr.) And who knows, there may be others? I spoke with Becky in Support about the missing fields and she said essentially that certain areas would be missing if there are no properties available in that area.

    I’ve looked at http://developers.idxbroker.com/lesson/remove-option-values-in-advanced-search-fields/ so I feel I have a good basis to begin reordering this particular list except that this script requires you to know what values will be there to edit them. As Becky said, not all areas will always be in the list so it appears I’d need to approach this using something more like the answer by Matty here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/278089/javascript-to-sort-contents-of-select-element

    I’m trying to keep down the number of scripts I add since I’ve added many (IMHO) already and I’m a Javascript noob, though I’m comfortable with programming in general.

    My question is do I need to resort to a Javascript similar to Matty’s answer on the StackOverflow link above to alphabetize the items in the Area list or is there a better way?

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  • Nick Leech
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    The issue should be resolved now.

    This article will help: http://support.idxbroker.com/customer/en/portal/articles/1913108-advanced-search-fields-layout?b_id=10433

    If you edit the advanced fields, go to the area field, click on the gear icon, there is an option that says “Move items containing these characters to the end”

    That was specified to be yes and is normally set that way by default.

    I did change it to be No and it did seem to fix the issue.

    You could also always build a custom search form and then add whatever option values you would like to certain fields.
    This would also give you total control over how the search form is displayed.
    You may be able to get all of the Area values from the MLS.
    Custom advanced form: http://developers.idxbroker.com/lesson/create-custom-advanced-search-page/

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