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    Gathering lead information from IDX Broker accounts can be accomplished by email parsing, API integration, or a combination of the two.

    Email parsing is pretty straight forward. Make the primary email on the account (or a CC) one you are set up to parse and gather the contact information from the email. An email parsing system would need to be developed.

    API integration requires some development to periodically poll the IDX Broker RESTful API server side passing a client API key in the request headers and pull primary lead information. Once the new lead IDs are collected further API methods can GET data about specific leads. Saved Searches, Saved Properties, Lead Traffic, and more to come are available. Collecting data in this manner requires API budgeting as there is an hourly rate limit and often other applications using the client’s API key.

    Both of the mentioned approaches can be used where the email parsing triggers the API calls. When a new lead email is received, and API call is triggered asking for the “recent” leads. This approach allows the API calls to happen only when needed.

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