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    We have a multi-user account with 50 REALTORs in our listed agents. I have performed an API request to fetch these agents which has worked fine, and I have all of the agents listed with an agentID property (one, for instance, is 76389).

    Simultaneously, we have fetched all of our listings and have them cached, and I see that each listing has a property, listingAgentID (one, for instance, is 2310).

    I have a need to match up listings with agents, specifically so when a lead inquires about a listing, if one of our agents owns the listing we can route the lead to that agent.

    The problem is, the listingAgentID from the listings API call does not at all match up with the agentID from the agents API call. I took an example with a listing this office owns and then compared the listingAgentID value to the agentID value for that agent, and they do not match.

    Is there any way (perhaps through another API call I’m overlooking?) to match up the agent to their listing? I could also do this by name or email address if that value were returned in the listing API call, but nothing identifying the listing agent is returned so I can’t see any way at present to do this.

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