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    I had a lengthy conversation this morning with an agent that is ON TOP of every lead and uses every facet of his IDX account to track his clients. He pointed out some very good suggestions that could help the Property Alerts get more attention with a little redesign.

    1. The two links at the top of the email “To view all results, click this link. To view today’s results, click this link.” should stand out more. Anyone viewing the email on a mobile phone will have difficulty clicking these (especially a guy with fat fingers as my agent pointed out) One suggestion might be to make them into a vivid colored button – Maybe one blue and one green so that they stand out and encourage the viewer to click there and go to the Results page.

    2. The email only shows todays results. IF there is only 1 result or maybe 0 results, this isn’t very engaging. He pointed out that people want to see photos and this is confirmed by looking at the most popular pages in every account I have. He suggested that below the “Todays Result” there is another section with “All Results” that shows at least 5 more properties that match the search. That way each email has at least 5 photos that draw the attention of the client while keeping the freshest listings at the top.

    Another idea might to show “Similar Results” below the “todays Results”. Trulia property alerts send out like this.

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