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    A brief service outage took place yesterday. These issues are normally a server fail of some kind. This could be bots hitting the servers too often or some kind of issue in AWS.

    The few times these issues arise IDX Broker is more than likely already aware as we monitor our uptime. Historically outages are few and far between, lasting only very briefly. Feel free to email developers@idxbroker.com for acknowledgment that we are aware and working on the problem. We understand that you need to provide information to your clients as they reach out to you.

    An ETA is difficult to provide as the nature of the outage may depend on external factors. For example If the issue is with AWS IDX Broker may have to work with Amazon to resolve the issue. Should the issue be load balancing or bot traffic, IDX Broker would have more control over these and the issue might be resolved with no need for Amazon to get involved. In the vast majority of cases the issue is resolved in just a few minutes so by the time an ETA is requested, it’s no longer valid.

    IDX Broker generally responds to these requests with:
    “IDX Broker developers are aware of the issue and are currently working to restore full service. Unfortunately we do not have an ETA at this time, but these type of issues generally do not last very long. Full service should be restored shorty. Keep in mind you may need to hard refresh a page that your browser was visiting.”

    The IDX Broker twitter account for developers (https://twitter.com/IDXDevelopers) will tweet a general announcement and use the #idxdev hashtag.

    Should an outage persist and require a notification to all customers, this will be visible at idxbroker.com.

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