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    I have a client that sent me an email asking about Supplemental Listings (see below)

    So, if I have an agent that lists a home and another agent that sells the home both agents should get to market that home as their sold property. The system only allows for 1 agent to be chosen. Can an additional agent drop down be added too? Wasn’t sure if this was a pre-filled IDX thing or a you thing. IF it can’t be, to get around that can I clone the listing and then select the other agent or do I have to re-enter everything as a Supplemental when it closes?

    Enhancement Requests:

    • Add an option to choose a Second Listing Agent
    • Add a button to Clone a Listing (useful for similar listings, listings in Multi Family Properties and for creating a property for the secondary agent IF option 1 can not be done)
    • Add a checkbox option to be able to select multiple listings for editing (Delete, clone, etc) similar to the Agent in Multi-User Accounts
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